Over the years we have offered many courses and training days. We may re-introduce these later but for now we intend to publish our courses, in a limited edition, on this site.

The courses that we will offer here will be in the form of home-study courses and will be free of charge.

Please keep checking here and on Facebook for further information



2 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Hi Bob its Sue Manning. Bob I notice your courses will be on line – does this apply to all areas of Photography? I’ve mastered my portraits really well and I’ve been looking for some wedding tuition- ono-to-one preferably. I’d love to shoot weddings but only on a small scale. I’m unable to find any help. I’m only looking for a few sessions. Obviously happy to pay. Is this something you could offer please? Thank you

    1. Sue, we have been looking at running a couple of courses on a very small basis in portraits and weddings. We will be putting the wedding course on the blog site. At the moment we are just getting some copyright clearance. If I can find a venue that won’t charge me the earth we will try to run a course. I will need four or five people to make it worth while. I will keep you in touch.

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