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Photographic Courses


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Courses from OBC have been re-written for the new season and we have also reviewed and amended the costs for some of our more popular courses.





We’ll teach you stuff that other courses can’t or won’t or don’t know!







COURSES: We have provided courses for photographers for many years and we have now updated our most popular courses. These are courses for pros; semi-pros and amateurs alike and we will help all photographers to improve their images.The courses have been written especially for photographers turning pro or semi-pro. and enthusiastic amateurs.I have almost a quarter of a century experience in the wedding, portrait,  fashion and glamour photography industry and this together with my formal training as an instructor and tutor has given me the ideal platform to help others into the photographic industry. The courses have been put together by photo experts and written by professionals in the education sector.All courses run at O’Brien Cooper represent excellent value for money especially our “Studio Workshops” with full day shoots including professional model, pro studio set-up, professional photographer in attendance, tutoring and images taken on the day with model release. All for under £100!




We are currently running our one-day courses in the Angel Inn on the A32 at Privett. Loads of free parking and great food!



All courses are one day only. The reason for this is to keep the cost down. We could stretch them out over two or three days with accommodation but that would be expensive and that’s not our aim. Any one who knows us and our business are well aware that we are the best priced courses in Hampshire. We take that into our courses also.

For the basic, “Photography in a Day” courses:

we start at 10:00am and work through to about 3:00 – 3:30pm

Coffee and tea on tap all day and light refreshments included with our compliments. (Not available with some offers)

The whole day is very intensive which is why we suggest that you bring a notebook and pencil. We also offer a back-up service where you can call the studio at any time for help and advice about all things photographic.




A one day course covering the basics needed to get you started in business.

Information on this course is much more concise and adheres to current industry standards.

The business course starts at 10:00am with coffee, registration and introduction and runs through to 3:00pm.

Business start-up courses are a non-practical course with demonstrations and AVs on how to start and survive in the photography business.

The course will cover starting up your own business, right through to covering your first job. The course includes tuition and full course notes.


Photography in a Day 

This includes our “One-Day Photography Course”

And the “New Digital Photography Course”

We run these very intensive courses at our studio here in South Wales to provide the aspiring pro photographer or the avid amateur with the basics of how to operate the camera and equipment and to explain certain fundamentals of photography to get the learner in the right frame of mind and to understand basic digital photography. The course covers aspects of photographing outdoors and studio work. The emphasis is , however, on studio work and how to produce professional style results in your own home with the minimum of requirements.

Although we term these courses as “beginner” we do explore, briefly the complexities of photographing weddings, portraits (Including kids) landscape and still life..

We will explain our shooting formula which can be used on almost any type of shoot to produce professional style images.

We start the tuition by exploring the camera and settings and image creation before using these new-found tools to work on projects.

The course includes limited notes and handouts.



Studio workshops are a practical course held in Hampshire for those who wish to get into the studio based side of the industry. The course includes tuition, some course notes and a live shoot with a model.

We also run specialised courses on a non-regular basis such as “Boudoir” shoots and “Glamour” workshops.

These workshops are based on portrait and fashion style shoots but the information and experience gained from these workshop days is invaluable. The course also includes advanced camera techniques, lighting and processing through to the finished print.

To check up coming courses please look on our website or Facebook page.



We are able to offer one-to-one mentoring to provide precise training for individual photographers who require specific skills to enter the profession in the genre of their choice.

Mentoring is designed to offer the client a personal service to help with specific concerns such as:

  • Camera controls and settings
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Business concerns
  • etc.

mentoring sessions are usually two hours each session.

For a more detailed synopsis and costs please call the office on 07971 295166


The courses are all very intensive but are probably the most informative pro courses you will ever attend.

All courses are regularly updated and some totally re-written as new technologies emerge and new equipment is introduced to the market place. The courses are checked to ensure that the content is correct and that the delivery is in accordance with national and local education authority guide lines.

The courses are run in Hampshire and are arranged for maximum attendance but  restricted to 15 delegates and so course dates can vary depending upon numbers of delegates available and also studio workload. Plenty of free parking right outside the door.

Please be aware that these courses are very intensive and we start at 10:0am and work through to 3:30pm.

Please call 07971 295166 to check availability and cost.



Courses for Models

We run courses for aspiring models with the aim of providing a safe and effective method for new models to enter the industry.

The course is a full day including:

  • A full model test shoot
  • A DVD with all the images taken on the day
  • Legal aspects of modelling
  • Finding work
  • Finding agencies
  • Setting rates
  • Safety
  • Full course notes
  • Back-up advise service.

To arrange a course please call 07971 295166




For all course dates and availability please follow the link below.



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