Course Dates

Dates for the courses will be shown here.



24 thoughts on “Course Dates

    1. Steve,

      Thanks for the contact. The wedding courses haven’t been given dates as yet because I need to get a few more interested. You can guarantee that if I set a date no one will turn up. I will put your name on the list and contact you further when we have a few more interested.
      I will be sending out a wedding promo e-mail soon to people who have registered interest in the past.

  1. high i’d like to book a place for full day photography on march 9 staurday i have a voucher ref. 14019626. many thanks
    jaymie james

    1. Jaymie,

      Many thanks for the booking. We have reserved you a place for the 9th March. We will send a booking confirmation in a few days.

      Bob Cooper LMPA
      O’Brien Cooper Photography

  2. Hi Bob
    Please can i book two places for August 28th Wednesday One-day digital photography course.
    Voucher numbers are: 01306162 / 01306161
    Be great if you can confirm our attendance.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Bob,
    can I book 2 places for the one day course on the 21st of September?
    The voucher codes are: LV3HN and L4AG2
    Thank you,

    1. Rosaria,

      Many thanks for the purchase of two places on the 21st September.

      We will send a confirmation e-mail with welcome letter in due course.

      Kind regards

      Bob Cooper LMPA

      O’Brien Cooper Photography

  4. Hi Bob,
    Please can I book onto the September 21st, One day Digital course?
    I have a voucher, if you require the details prior please say else I shall bring it with me on the day.
    Kind regards

    1. Simone,

      We’ve booked you for that day, September 21st.

      We have the book in codes but you will need to bring either the voucher with the redeem code or a copy on your phone.

      Many thanks for the booking we will send all the info in due course.

      Kind regards

      Bob Cooper LMPA

  5. I would like to book a photography course for my hubby which I’ve seen on Groupon. I would like to use this as an Xmas present. Will he be about to use this Groupon voucher in the new year?


  6. Hi, I have a voucher which requires me to book a course by February 11. Unfortunately, the only one available on your website is on February 7, and that is the day I cannot attend as I have to be at work. Today is February 3, and you have no more dates posted on your website, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. Do you know the next dates? Can you please post them? Thank you in advance. Tina

  7. Hi Bob I have a One-day photography course voucher, I see you have a one day DSLR (which I have) course coming up in March can it be used on that?

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  9. Hi would like to book 2 places with a Groupon voucher on November 19th 2015. Please confirm if this is still available. Many thanks

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