In the last few months the EU has required that all websites and blog sites that use “cookies” to track their potential customers, inform those customers of the practise.

On our website at: we have added a small privacy settings box to comply with the new rulings In fact we do not use cookies to track and trace customers but we have, still, to comply with the EU ruling.

In all 21 years that we have been running as a professional business we have never traded in third-party mailings. We do not track potential customers and we do not hold more information than is necessary on any of our current customers.

The only way that we, as a business, hold any information is by the voluntary information provided to us via our “News Letter” sign in form. This information is in the form of names and e-mail addresses only. This information is NEVER offered to third parties and we control the use of this information very carefully. We have at all times an “unsubscribe” button on our News Letter mailings and once the customer has unsubscribed all information is removed. Likewise with financial information we only retain names and contact numbers and never card or account details. We are tested yearly by “Trustwave” a company dedicated to controlling the use of financial information by companies, firms and businesses. Our certification can be seen on our information page at:

We hope that we are clear with our customers and all transactions that we make both in person and on-line.



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